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 DDACS 2.0.1

   Protect yourself at all times!

What's New in 2.0.1

DDACS 2.0.1 TotalAdmin Edition comes with a whole new set of features

  • Application Firewall
  • Network Clients Control (with time restiction)
  • Network Servers Control
  • UDP Control
  • Registry Protection
  • Programs Killer
  • Improved command-line
  • Improved GUI
  • Rules grouping by policy name and easy policies changing
  • Single installer
  • Many fixes
  • Comprehensive set of default rules
  • DDACS 2.0.1 feature-limited Free Edition is available with fixes and improvements over 2.0


Help improve DDACS and protection that it provides. Ask questions, report issues, submit improvement suggestions.

E-mail: ddacssec@gmail.com
Web: https://www.daniel-drubin.com/ddacs

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